BREAKING NEWS!!! – Michael Essien contracts Ebola [Confirmed]


Ghanaian football star and AC Milan striker, Michael Essien, has contracted the Ebola Virus Disease, according to reports.
A report on News Wire quotes AC Milan spokesman, Riccardo Coli as saying: ‘It has come as a big shock to everyone involved with the club but we are optimistic for Essien.
‘He is a very strong person and the Ebola has been caught in the early stages. He’s in experts hands so he should be fine.’
The AC Milan midfielder, who joined the Italian giants in January this year, previously played for Chelsea FC in the English Premiership before joining AC Milan and has had a successful career with clubs including Bastia, Olympic Lyon and a loan spell at Real Madrid under his belt.
Details regarding how and where the Ghana international contracted the dreaded disease which has left thousands dead and several sick in West Africa are still sketchy but his Italian club have confirmed it and an official statement providing further details is being expected.
Essien is the first sports-related victim of Ebola since the virus disease, which kills just days after it is contracted, broke out in March this year in Guinea about 30 years after its first outbreak anywhere in the world. – Culled from NET


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