12+ Ways to beat a Lady without lifting a finger

Sometimes its apperent that some ladies crave to be thoroughly beaten so that they can appreciate the worth of a man.

But, except you (Men) just escaped from a psychiatric hospital, there is no reason to raise your finger against any lady especially the woman in your life.
Though those daughters of Eve really have foul and leaking mouth and they don’t know when to apply break when it’s obvious that a crash is imminent.
But its only dumb men that beat up their ladies to prove that they are ‘The Man’ and in charge.
A real man is he who gets his woman on her kneels with carefully executed strategy.
Guys, wen she repeats that, that make you want to break her neck, wipe her into line by simply implementing these…….

1.Start asking for explanations on how the house keeping allowance is spent.
2.Instead of travelling to obudu ranch for vacation, suggest going to the zoo daily, she knows you are not broke.
3.Refuse to talk about her day and demands especially financials.
4.Ask for special dishes but no extra penny comes out of your wallet.
5.The generators don’t run all-night like it used to.
6.The cars should remain in the park ‘cos the keys would always be locked up in your wardrobe.
7.Refuse her food, eat outside. If she ignores your hunger strike, step up the strategy by bringing food home and even warming it in her microwave and eat it on the dining table.
8.Make it more effective, don’t bring anything that looks like it’s from a fast food eatery, bring home native food like pounded yam with vegetable soup packed in a beautiful food flask with a hand towel, bottled water and wine, all in a beautiful basket. Eat all the food licking your fingers generously and tell the house maid to wash and put the flask back in the car.
9.Hang out a lot, if she calls; tell her in a hush tone that you will call her back later but never call.
10.Any time you are home, stay in your room and listen to some gangster rap music while watching football. Don’t forget to scream at every attempt at goal.
11.If she feigns illness to get your attention, simply call the doctor to come to the house but make sure you leave before he arrives.
12.Don’t deny her of ‘it’ it’s against the Holy Book, do it with her but hurriedly with no emotion attached and jump off to your room.
13.If all of the above fail to work, find a gun and use it. (O.Y.O)


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