Blackabu..(1)So guess who decided to stop by for an interview..
Yes you guessed right its the one and only Black Black man himself..

Before we get to the interview proper.. Lets throwback down memory lane..We all remember his amazing 1st official single  #Configure8 which premiered sometime in september 2013. Then he went on to drop the sensational mixtape kick off in April #Paper.

#Paper has been rocking airwaves and social circles for about five months and now he has decided to bless us with another wonderful tune #WhatIsTheMatter

“What Is The Matter” is set to drop before september runs out and i’m very sure we would all love it as usual

This niggah is set to make a mark in the Nigerian music scene and beyond through his hard work and consistency,we can tell from the uniqueness and bull’s eye delivery on his previous projects. He is hitting it hard for an unsigned act,though he’s being managed by the JAM FACTORY MUSIC Inc.

So lets get to meet the man himself *drum roll*
Blackabu !!!!

1) How Long have u been doing what u doing and how did u get started?
Blackabu: Well I’ve been doing music for about 4 years, but I started professionally last year

2) Who were the first influence on your music and style?
Blackabu:  I grew up listening to a lot from Notorious B.I.G and Shaba Ranks, so I just took a clue from them and. Some other people, people like. Ill Bliss and Jesse Jagz

3) Why do you do music ?

Blackabu: Honestly i do this for the love of music..i mean i’m really passionate about music.. The idea of fame and fortune just make it worthwhile

4) In your opinion who is the most influential and successful artist in your genre today and why?
Blackabu: I’d have to say M.i Abaga, cause he’s actually the pioneer of “Marketable Rap” in Nigeria today. I stand corrected though.

5) Which famous song or sound producer ultimately describes what you’d like Blackabu’s music productions to sound like?
Blackabu: Dj Mustard and in Nigeria Chopstix

6) Do you think your music is mostly enjoyed more for the beats or for the lyrical flow and content?
Blackabu: Well they both go hand in hand, but really i’m very confident that i’m killer with the flow and the producers i work with are nothing you can mess with.. So basically if its all about how much you can sell yourself as an artiste then i guess i’m a very good business man.. and i’m sure i could make a very dead instrumental come alive.

7) Do you make your own beats and write your own lyrics? If yes what software or equipment do u prefer ? If u don’t do any of this by itself how do u get dis done?
Blackabu: I make beats not professionally, just on a low at the studio or at home when i’m free.. I use FL Studio for beats and Logic to record, but when i’m working on singles i get beats done to my taste, and when working on cover songs like “PAPER” and “WHAT IS THE MATTER” i get beats sampled to sound a little like the original songs, and the process is always fun working with producers and artistes like Freshizu, Lord Gbaabz, Young D, SunkkeySnoop, AyoJay, DRBlasgidi and a whole lot of niggaz tryna make a name for themselves.

8) If you could choose to work with some of today’s established artistes or producers to move your game to the top with whom would you like and collaborate?
Blackabu:Two words, DJ MUSTARD.. hehehe

9) And the artiste?
Blackabu: If i were to choose an artiste it’d be drake.. And in Nigeria Ice Prince.. At the moment though, its not like its a personal flare

10) Judging by your previous projects how do you think your future projects would be accepted ?              Blackabu: Well i have a lot of confidence in my jobs.. And i could bank on maximum turn ups for me in future

11) What latest song,video or mixtapes are currently available to your fans and where can they be heard or downloaded?
Blackabu:There’s the last mixtape single “PAPER” a Sarz and Reminisce cover and there’s “Configure8” my first official single.. Both are on google and all other search engines, i just cant remember the blogs they really are posted on (i think its too formal, lets get personal).
12) Ok. What’s your favourite food?
Blackabu:My favourite food is food… Haaha.

13) What’s your favourite colour?
Blackabu: Well apart from black.. Red now don’t say i’m devilish

14) What cartoon character do you think you look like?
Blackabu: Hmmm.. Ugly boy like me ?.. Shrek for def

15) Favourite cartoon ?
Blackabu:  Pablo and Popeye

16) Is your family a music family ?
Blackabu: No not at all

17) If you would take time off from the life and stress of work.. Where would you go and what will you do? Blackabu: Hmmmm.. Well i’d love to spend time in Jamaica, for reasons best known to me

18) And the finally!! What are we expecting from your latest Jam “What is the matter??
Blackabu:Y’all are going be blown away though.. Me and the producer Freshizu put in a whole lot of work.. The management even had to shift the release date just so we could get everything right for y’all



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