Maltina Dance All Eviction Show Down

So it all went down last night on  Maltina dance All as 4 families who were up for possible eviction batteled it out to stay in the Academy. Dide family, maisamari family, leonard family, and the Oladapo family gave in their best in the Wazobia and Jive Dance steps.   Sadly 2 families were sent home after a stunning performance “The leonard and The Maisamari family” leaving the Dide and Oladapo family and giving them the opportunity to showcase more of their talents to Nigeria.                                           When interviewed Jennifer Leonard she said “Everything happens for a reason” and she leaves everything to God” as she burst into tears” while on the other hand “Miriam maisamari” said”  Shes happy she got a chance to be a part of maltina” and she  Wouldnt stop there” with a smile on her face.    For all we know it is getting hotter and tougher.   Just stay Glued to your Tv screen to watch all the Exciting Moments of Maltina dance All season8 The Rhythm of Happiness.

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  1. This is notjustok buh…..short of words to classify how good this is…


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